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Sports Schedules

Sports Schedules
 Aug 30 MSU Bobcats VS. Illinois Football 7:00PM            
 Aug 31 CMR VS. Glacier Football 7:00PM  Home          
 Aug 31 GFH VS. Skyview Football 7:00PM  Billings          





          Sept 1 Griz VS. N. Iowa Football 7:00PM  
Sept 6 UP VS. Mayville Volleyball   Home          
Sept 7 CMR VS. Big Sky Football MSLA            
Sept 7 GHF VS. Sentinel Football 7:00PM Home          
Spet 7 UP VS. Embry Arz Volleyball 7:00PM Home          
Sept 8 MSU Bobcats VS. S. Dakota Football 5:00PM   Sept 8 Grizz VS Drake Football 1:00PM  
Sept 8 UP VS. Benedictine Mesa Football   Home          
Sept 14 CMR VS. SR Football 7:00PM Home          
Sept 14 GFH VS. WEST Football 7:00PM Billings          
Sept 15 MSU Bobcats VS. Wagner Football 1:00PM   Sept 15 Grizz VS. W. Illinois Football 2:00PM  
Sept 15 UP VS. L/C State Football   Home          
 Sept 19 UP VS. Northern Volleyball   Home          
 Sept 21 CMR VS Hellgate Football   MSLA          
 Sept 21 GFH VS. Big Sky Football   Home          
Sept 21 UP VS. Carroll College Football   Home          
Sept 22 MSU Bobcats VS. Portland ST. Football     Sept 22 Grizz VS. Sac State Football    
Sept 28 CMR VS. Capital Football   Home          
Sept 28 GFH VS. Helena High Football   Helena          
Sept 29 MSU Bobcats VS. E Wash Football     Sept 29 Grizz VS Cal Poly Football    
Date School Sport Time Location Date School Sport Time Location
Oct 5 CMR VS Sky View Football   Home          
Oct 5 GFH VS. Glacier Football   Home          
          Oct 6 Grizz VS. Portland Football    
Oct 12 GFH VS. Butte Football   Butte          
Oct 12 CMR VS. Flathead Football              
Oct 13 MSU Bobcats VS. Idaho Football     Oct 13 Grizz VS. N. Dakota Football    
Oct 18 CMR VS. West Football   Billings          
Oct 18 GFH VS. Bozeman Football   Home          
Oct 19 UP VS. Northern Volleyball              
Oct 20 Salish Kootenai VS. UP Mens Basketball   Home          
Oct 20 Mount Royal     Home          
Oct 26 GFH VS. CMR Cross Town     Home          
Oct 27 MSU Bobcats VS. Idaho       Oct 27 Grizz VS. Davis      
Date Sport School Time Station Date  Sport School Time Station
Nov 3 Football MSU Bobcats VS. Cal Pony     Nov 3 Football Grizz VS. S. Utah    
Nov 6 Football Yellowstone Christian VS. N/A              
          Nov 7 Basketball Lady Grizz VS. Gonzaga    
Nov 8 Football Masters VS. N/A              
Nov 9 Football MSU Bobcats VS Billings              
Nov 10 Football MSU Bobcats VS Colorado     Nov 10 Football Grizz VS. Idaho    
Nov 16 Football Host Home Tournament VS. Westmont              
Nov 17 Football MSU Bobcats VS. GRIZZ     Nov 17 Football MSU Bobcats VS. Grizz    
Nov 17 Football Host Home Tournament VS ACU              
Nov 20 Football University VS. N/A   KINX          
 Nov 20 Womens Basketball Lady Grizz VS. Lady Argo 12:00PM KINX Nov 20

Womens Basketball

Lady Grizz VS. Lady Argo 7P  KXGF
 Nov 21 Basketball MSU at Arkansas 7P  KINX          
Nov 24 Basketball MSU at Omaha 7P KINX          
Nov 27 Basketball MSU VS. North Dakota 7P KINX          
          Nov 28 Basketball Grizz at Creighton 6:30P KXGF
Nov 29 Basketball Lady Argos at Carroll College 5:30PM KINX          
Nov 29 Basketball Argos at Carroll College 7:30PM KINX          
Nov 30   Lady Cats VS. Long Beach State 7P KINX          
Date Sport School   Station Date Sport School Time


Dec 1 Basketball Lady Argos at Rocky MTN 5:30PM KINX          
Dec 1 Basketball Argos at Rocky MTN 7:30PM KINX          
          Dec 3 Basketball Grizz VS. College of Idaho 7PM KXGF
          Dec 5 Basketball Lady Grizz at Arizona 7PM KXGF
Dec 6   Lady Cats at Stephen F Austin 6P KINX          
Dec 7 Basketball CMR VS. Glacier 7:30PM KINX          
          Dec 7 Basketball Great Falls High VS. Flathead 7:30PM KXGF
Dec 8 Basketball CMR VS. Flathead 2:30PM KINX          
          Dec 8 Basketball Great Falls High VS. Glacier 2:30PM KXGF
Dec 8 Girls Basketball Lady Argos VS. University of Alberta 5:30PM KINX          
Dec 8 Basketball Argos VS. University of Alberta 7:30PM KINX          
          Dec 8 Basketball Grizz at UC Irvine 6P KXGF
Dec 9 Basketball MSU at Washington State 8:00PM KINX          
Dec 13

Womens Basketball

CMR VS. MSLA Big Sky 5:45PM KINX          
Dec 13 Mens Basketball                
          Dec 14        
          Dec 14        
Dec 15                  
Dec 16                  
          Dec 17        
Dec 18                  
Dec 19                  
          Dec 19        
Dec 20                  
          Dec 20        
          Dec 20        
Dec 21                  

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