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Ag Organizations Call on U.S. Department of Agriculture for Livestock Loss Relief

The Montana Farm Bureau Federation and U.S. Cattlemen’s Association are giving kudos to Mike ...

Livestock Producers Praise Modifications to Sage Grouse Land Use Plans

WASHINGTON (December 6, 2018) – Ethan Lane, Executive Director of the Public Lands Council and ...

New Market Access for U.S. Beef in Morocco

WASHINGTON (December 6, 2018) - Today President Kevin Kester issued the following statement in ...

American Lamb Makes Triumphant Return to Japan

After a 15-year absence, delicious American lamb is finally back in Japan. And the U.S. sheep ...

Sales of Tractors & Combines to Farmers Hurt by Tariffs Are Slowing

Sales of tractors and combines to farmers hurt by tariffs on U.S. crops and meat are slowing, ...